1What Is ESOL?

English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), There are two versions of the above examinations. One is “for schools” and the other is the “public version”. All the students who take the test are awarded out of a maximum mark from 100. The level of the language ability will be given with a detailed description on the backside of your certificate.

At Unex, we do conduct both versions but the priority goes to ESOL for schools version because of the high demand and the regional background of Sri Lanka.

Who can apply?

Anyone between the ages of 12 – 50 can apply via making a reservation for the Placement Test by calling or visiting our centers island wide.

What is the value of passing the exam with Unex?

Remember that, the majority of Sri Lankan students haven’t any recognizable international certificate in English to prove their 13+ years of learning. In our country, even the majority of English teachers do not have a proper communicating ability whether they have been trying to teach others how to walk towards the path.

So, other than participating to so called poor English classes by spending a large amount of money, you can get a proper training to use the language in a natural way by following our subliminal teaching methods.

How do the classes conduct?

  • Your teacher will divide you into teams during practical activities like questionnaires and debates
  • Each and every student get an individual attention from the teacher (guaranteed)
  • Special counseling programs are given to the weaker students to motivate towards learning.
  • We use visual and auditory media to develop the student’s listening and reading abilities on native English.
  • Life related day-to-day topics are discussed on students’ request
  • ( because the approach of your teacher is Student Centered.)
  • The class duration is regular once a week to 8 months with full- content.
  • 2 hours & 30 minutes per day on lessons + regular homework as a self-study session.

Only Rs: 2000 per month for all those contents.

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