Have you ever pondered the patterns within society?

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My dear friends, if I were to reveal the secret of success, it would involve recognizing these repeating patterns. History does indeed have a tendency to repeat itself. Many believe that in today’s world, success is achieved by mastering the latest booming technology and staying at the forefront of AI advancements.

However, a select few are starting to discern an impending danger associated with this relentless pursuit of the peak. Allow me to explain; ‘peak’ represents the zenith of achievements that either an individual or society can reach. We find ourselves at that very peak.

According to a well-known theory, when there’s an incline to climb, there’s inevitably a decline on the horizon. When development occurs suddenly and at a pace faster than the stability it offers to society, an equally rapid downturn is in store.

Let’s revisit a topic we discussed earlier. In the recent past, after the advent of globalization, significant societal changes became evident. People transitioned from large extended families to smaller nuclear units. They began forsaking the bloodlines that had been maintained across generations, embracing love marriages and liberal ideologies. The idyllic country life they once cherished gave way to crowded, polluted cities, driven by an unattainable fantasy. They began to forget the power of closing their eyes, mistaking illusions for reality with eyes wide open. The pure scent of wind-blown dust was replaced by the fragrance of chemicals laced with toxic particles. Fit bodies that once thrived outdoors were now confined to office desks, and pharmaceutical dependence became a lifelong norm. This transformation is often referred to as the ‘Industrial Revolution.’ Over time, the values that had been upheld for generations were disregarded, as society was manipulated according to the whims of secret keepers who chose to keep the truth concealed from the public, treating them as perpetual fools.

As the years passed and human desires crumbled due to the actions of those who altered the natural order in the so-called ‘new world,’ subsequent generations began to question the meaning of an artificial existence devoid of a clear life purpose. Those who comprehended the futility of the systematic directives imposed by governments in their human farming experiment started to make a gradual retreat. These visionaries relinquished the material luxuries of city life, opting to walk barefoot on the countryside’s grasslands. They embarked on a journey to reconnect with Mother Nature and sought a spiritual path, aiming to find enlightenment by following the wisdom of their ancestors and embracing a genuinely fulfilling life.”

R.A.A.P.S Ranaweera
MA/PGDE/B.Ed/HNDE/BC Special Trained
Director, Unex College of Higher Education