Countries with part-time working opportunities:

Student Visa FAQ:

Q: Who are eligible to apply?

A: Student who passed O/L, A/L, Diploma or a degree

Q: The age limit?

A: Younger the better. In between 16 – 40 with a positive continuation of work or study according to the background qualification.

Q: The financial background?

A: Minimum amount of 1.5 million in hand + a financial sponsor

Q: Any Other?

A: Yes, You must have a basic knowledge of English and an ability to follow our courses by continuing classes and completing homework on time and also the applicant should have a positive attitude on life and future.

Skilled working visa:

  • Temporary visa from 2-10 years
  • A guaranteed company visa with a permanent salary

Must be with following qualifications with more than 1 year experience: (NVQ Level 4+, Full time 2 years+ Diploma, HND, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s, PhD)

Permanent Residence ( Family visa)


  • A relevant diploma or a degree in the skilled migration list.
  • Sound knowledge of English: (at least B2 level).
  • Minimum experience of 2 years in a reputed company or organization.
  • Below 40 for physical fields but no age limit for some occupations (Ex: Journalists).

Business visits

  • You must have a Business Registration.
  • Bank statements and current account details.
  • Savings account or fixed deposits worth than 6 million SLR.
  • A sound knowledge on spoken English.


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