As a Teacher

For teachers  who come here as volunteers, we are happily offering a 100% free all-inclusive package for your whole stay in Sri Lanka with exclusive safe tours around the country for the whole period. As we are a social organization, you are able to help our teaching and counseling programs in rural Sri Lankan areas by teaching children from your experiences and talents. We organize education camps, workshops and seminars on learning techniques.

Further, if you are staying with us, as an English teacher of Unex, you will be trained and treated by us with all the facilities you need such as a personal vehicle and a driver, accommodation and food as you do the request. Only requirements will be the desire and of course an ability to teach English to young children for a period of minimum 2 weeks to maximum months from the bottom of your heart. Please Apply via Visit Sri Lanka Contact Form in this page.

As a Learner
Without any additional charge, you are lucky to study under the same low fees structure which is similar to local students. A personal driver or a vehicle will be given according to the request. The accommodation facilities and the best quality meals will be provided according to your request after reserving your study seat. As we have an extremely friendly and a highly supportive staff, you may never feel a home-sick as in many other overseas institutions.

We are the only academy in Sri Lanka who is guaranteed the quality, security and your joy with a written agreement. Please Apply via Visit Sri Lanka Contact Form in this page.


The cheapest rates can be promised with a personal driver for you, or for your whole family. Sometimes, our vacation arrangement will be cheaper than your own country, as the packages are starting from USD 10 per day (all-inclusive). Otherwise you can select a super luxurious holiday package starting from $50 to 150 per day. As we are a volunteer organization, there could be more opportunities to enjoy your vacation without a limit. Please Apply via Visit Sri Lanka Contact Form in this page.  

If you are willing to visit our country under any of these categories mentioned by us, please contact via the contact form or by calling us.


Do you dream to start a business in a beautiful, tropical island in the Indian Ocean with rich bio diversity? So just contact us via our email or Skype to check on possibilities. From our truthful quality staff, you may be able to invest your assets in the most profitable way indeed. Try us by calling through our contact numbers( 10am – 6pm ,Sri Lankan time) or Please Apply via Visit Sri Lanka Contact Form in this page


No matter whether you are black or white, we warmly welcome you from the bottom of our hearts. Only thing we respect and consider is your humanity on others. So, if you are willing to come with your back pack with the limited amount you have, please ring us and check the possibility in our friendly association. So we love to make a budgetary trip for your need for a long-lasting friendly hearts. Please Apply via Visit Sri Lanka Contact Form in this page

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