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Glancing back towards the history of our academy , we run to the year 2003, when an IELTS lecturer put his first step into a class of 5 students. Gradually, his successful teaching methods began to bring a fame which increased the students’ population day by day. And as a matter of fact, it was not possible that this teacher could stick to that limited accommodation. The result was that the classes were shifted to a new center in Yanthampalawa.

In fact, it involved an additional development. For example, the staff was established with four teachers, who were capable of understanding the minds of students and had exclusively unique teaching techniques which led for further flows of knowledge-thirsty people. Taking into account on high demands of the parents, Unex language academy was fortified with a preschool section and a complicated primary section syllabus classes which were also established in order to aid the students of the government sector.

Considering the comfort of the students who attended the classes even by coming from rural areas, the classes were shifted to Apex building which was a grand relief for many students. Within those 2 years , Unex Language Academy was directed by Mr Asiri Shyaminda Ranaweera who was granted the British Council partnership while awarding as the “Rising Star of the Year” under the IELTS Register centre network.

In vainly the less space proved to be a problem due to the increasing students’ community and the classes were taken to a three storey building at Muttettugala. There the academy itself improved a lot. The commencement of the ESOL section while sending 80 students for Cambridge YLE Exams, who received a pass rate result of 100%, set a hallmark of glorious success, which continued for 2 solid years.

In the mean time the classes were also held at Bauddaloka Road for a brief period of 2 years. The primary section, headed by Ms.Anesta Chandimali has become prominent in this period as it enhanced the register books to be filled with new registrations. In fact 700 of students inherited Unex to seek knowledge. Consequently, the classes were then shifted to Jaya Pathirana Road by seeking more spaces, were the current classes are held.

Most significant incidents that took place were the launch of “Twinkle Twinkle little English “and award for “The Best Performer of the year 2013 which intensified the sound glory of Unex. Lately, in the beginning of the year 2014, the Primary and Secondary Sections of the academy has separated and shifted to an apartment in Negombo road which has an ample room for the increasing number of students.

And in the present, Unex Language Academy is an expanded net of knowledge distribution as we have already invaded other regions such as Kandy and Colombo with a well reputation island wide .It is now an internationally recognized learning center for English (certified by the University of Cambridge,as an Exam Preparation Centre for the years 2014 & 2015).

There we cover the entire school syllabus of English and further the certification of the partnership of ETS America has marked the authority of American exam such as TOEFL and TOEIC. That is history of our Academy up to the present moment.