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IELTS General for UKVI (United Kingdom Visa and Immigration) is government approved secure English test for visa and immigration to the UK for work and vocational training purposes.

As the already known common General IELTS exam, here at UKVI, they check the candidate’s English language skills under four parameters of listening, speaking reading and writing.

You can take the test in a paper based format or computer based format by considering your preference.

Remember that, this IELTS for the UKVI is only available in few selected test centres in Sri Lanka.

(At the test centres in the Western province under the British Council & IDP).

The difference between IELTS General training and IELTS for UKVI General training

  • When comparing them through an overall system, both exams are very similar in terms of the format, content, assessment, and difficulty level.

So actually speaking, you can prepare for UKVI General training in just like the IELTS general training by following the same instructions and by doing the same guessing papers before the exam.

Even though, there are slight differences in the result forms according to the test takers security and identity sometimes.

How to prepare for IELTS UKVI General training exam?

First of all, you have to be familiar with the test format.

We’ll talk about listening

In the General training IELTS for the UKVI listening, there are 40 questions in four sections.

First part is a dialogue between a male and a female and the second part is one person’s speech.

Third part is a conversation and finally you have a part of a lecture with 10 questions to answer as in all the other three parts.

So, the first 2 parts are day-to-day life related areas and the final 2 parts are university type recordings.

Then we’ll move towards reading

When you turn to the reading paper to understand the format, it has three sections and 40 questions altogether.

All the passages are very short and they are taken from magazines, notices, advertisements, handbooks of the companies, and brochures.

Every small passage is taken from the UK life-related reading material.

Further, all those reading parts are focused on the issues of our day-to-day life.

Thirdly, we’ll turn to the writing paper

When turning towards the writing paper, the General training IELTS for UKVI contains two questions. They are task 1 and task 2

In task 1, you are asked to write a formal, semi-formal, or an informal letter in 20 minutes with at least 150 words

In task 2 of writing, you are asked to write an essay (like a discussion by showing advantages and disadvantages, expressing opinion to show the cause and effect) in at least 250 words. You are given 40 minutes for the task completion.

At the end of the total time of 60 minutes, the invigilators collect your writing answers without giving any additional time.

The last part, speaking

Finally you have this speaking part. The format of the General training IELTS for UKVI speaking consists of three parts.

The first part focuses on your personal life: like your family, hobbies, neighbourhood, etc.

In the second part of this speaking, you will be given a cue card which contains a topic to describe: like a person you know, a place you visit, an animal you keep, an objective you have, or an event you have participated. It’s a 2 minute speech.

Then the examiner moves to the third section by covering the same topic in part 2 into a more general abstract angle. In this final part of the face-to-face interview, the examiner asks you 2 to 4 questions to check your general speaking ability on the topic.

So, that is the format of the IELTS for UKVI general exam.


To pass this intermediate level exam with the required mark in a single attempt, it’s better to take the guidelines from an expert in IELTS.

Here at Unex, you can meet the best IELTS instructor who was specially trained under the British Council to conduct UKVI courses since the beginning of the UKVI format introduction in 2015.

Online courses and live lectures both are available at our Colombo and Kurunegala branches.

Call us to receive a worry free coaching experience and an excellent result in UKVI General IELTS.

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IELTS General for UKVI logo

IELTS General for UKVI

IELTS General for UKVI (United Kingdom Visa and Immigration) is government approved secure English test for visa and immigration to the UK for work and vocational training purposes. As the already known common General IELTS exam, here at UKVI, they

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