Computer Based or paper based IELTS?

Which is better? Computer-based (CBT) or paper-based (PBT) test?

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As you already know, everything has two sides. I mean, advantages and disadvantages are both can be seen. When we try to apply that concern to IELTS, we can summarise the findings below.

As more than 90% of the exam takers only experienced paper-based tests throughout their lifelong exam sittings, they all are only familiar with paper-based parallel reading techniques in written exams. Being in the typical comfort zone is preferred by many in that sense.

Compared to that, computer-based applicants must read their listening, reading, and writing papers on exam day through a vertical screen. On the other hand, when concerning timing as one of the most significant factors in reading & writing skills, exam takers unfamiliar with a vertical type head-up reading and clicking-type writing will be disadvantaged.

However, the exam-taking candidates familiar with computer typing and vertical screen reading will be faster and more accurate in the CBT module. Finally, those who have problems with handwriting will also benefit from this newly introduced CBT.
Finally, remember that the result is nearly 3 times faster in the CBT delivery system because it takes only 5 days to issue the results.
Good luck!
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