Fake IELTS Versus Genuine IELTS

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Sometimes you may be shocked after hearing this statement even though there are two approaches to the most popular English exam in the world.

The most common or the general method of taking IELTS is, getting genuine guidelines from an expert and following a regular study regime. 

In other words, properly going through the examiners’ marking schemes, practicing model papers while identifying the mistakes, and analyzing the sample answers to overcome the errors are essential concerns for a genuine candidate. Such a process will generate a positive result by giving the applicant a better language ability at the end of the study period. Finally, the candidate can book the exam date and sit for the exams with total confidence. We can identify an approach like that as a genuine method of taking IELTS.

However, a few dishonest exam takers who display their imitation skills are still looking to fly abroad after taking shortcuts and applying illegal means to advance their life. The mentality of a certain number of exam takers here in Sri Lanka is sadly the same. They are wasting their time by asking institutions for months about methods of getting IELTS certificate without facing the exam as they have dealt with their already having degrees up to now. 

According to us, degree holders with no practical capabilities are entirely useless. Those types of fake qualifications show off their status while hiding their inabilities from the lower class communities and acting with a superstitious mindset that prevents them from understanding the true meaning of an exam like IELTS.


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